The Basics of Astrology: The Three Most Important Parts of Your Birth Chart

Astrology is a huge fad. It has been for some time. And I get it – it’s really cool! Why do you think so many “spiritual gurus” choose to study it? The reason is probably close to why you open up your horoscope app every day.

Astrology won’t usually tell us much we don’t already know, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t show us the big picture. It’s easy to get stuck in the day to day little things, but if you have someone read your birth chart, you’ll hear about your purpose in life and who you are. These things are quite accurate, but may be aspects of yourself that you haven’t paid a lot of attention to.

If you don’t know a ton about the way Astrology works, then you might not realize that you have a lot of different aspects in your chart. There are three aspects that are the most important and will make up your overall personality when put together.

Sun Sign: These are the typical signs you probably know of. They’re determined by the sun’s position when you were born. The sun sign is how we present ourselves and how others may see us. It is how we express ourselves. Basically, our sun sign is our overarching conscious personality.

Moon Sign: The is your feminine, emotional, private side. This does not mean that it’s girly, but that it’s quieter.The moon will tell you what you think about the world and the struggles you have within your head. It is how you react (or hide) when you’ve been wounded, how you deal with your emotions, and what will trigger you. To sum it up, the moon is our subconscious responses and how we think about them.

Ascendant: The rising sign (or ascendant) isn’t exactly a planet, but a calculation that appears on our chart due to the rest of our signs. If the sun represents our Ego, and the moon represents our unconscious, then the Ascendant represents our true selves. We may not always show others are ascendant sign because it is a power that we often forget we have, but it can be our greatest power. And if you’re manifesting your Ascendant sign in a way that seems to hurt you? You’re forgetting the powerful side of it. Flip what you’re doing and look at the good in it. Is who you truly are different from the face you put on for the world?

Let’s sum it up:

Sun: What you show to the world. When do you act contrary to who you are inside?

Moon: Your emotional triggers. When do you react unconsciously?

Rising Sign: Your authentic self. Harness the positives of your rising sign and integrate them throughout your sun and moon.

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